Story of an Intern During Corona Crisis

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A look at how COVID-19 is affecting those beyond infected

I went to the restroom at a restaurant.

I washed my hands, opened the door with my elbow, raised the toilet seat with my foot, switched on the water faucet with a tissue and then opened the bathroom door to leave with my elbow. When I returned to my table, I realized, "I forgot to pull up my pants!"


I read this forwarded message and laughed. And then I felt a bit sad.

Who was this person?

What would he or worse, she, must have felt?

How are all the corona victims feeling right now?

I collected my thoughts and shut my phone, as I got ready for the first day of my internship.

My first day wasn't very typical. If I were in India, I'd have got away with a graceful Namaste. But in Germany, all I was left with were awkward gestures saying let's avoid handshake.

Only two persons shook hands with me out of reflex. I smiled and offered my sanitizer that I used to carry with me way before people started taking sanitation seriously.

I joined as an intern in science journalism at a reputed media house. So, all the panic around corona came very handy every morning.

But soon, it got real. This wasn't the best time to start an internship anyway, but who knew?

The next day, I felt a lump in my throat.

Chain of thoughts ran in my mind.

I just started my internship, what are they going to think about me?

Is there really a need to go to a doctor?

Where is the nearest doctor who speaks English in this city?