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The Legal Professional has been providing lawyers and other legal professionals with a rich and diverse learning content. Knowledge, creativity and fun learning activities have always been at our core, and we’re proud of the clients who have used our learning materials. We always encourage both staff and leaders to grow, learn and create each passing day. If you want to go deeper into an educational experience, stay tuned for our upcoming "Educational Experience Guide" for The Legal Professional.



Our team is passionate, experienced and eager to pass on their knowledge to the ones who want to learn.

At The Legal Professional, we do our best to prepare our clients for a rewarding and fulfilling career. We believe that great learning means much more than acquiring knowledge, and attach great importance to enhancing communication skills required in the legal industry.

Kirk Beahm

Operations Editor

Kirk Beahm is an educational consultant and second-language acquisition specialist. His professional passion is to create training that makes challenging situations in the real world more accessible in English as a second language. His works include founding of the BridgeRise approach to specialised language learning, and a number of academic English programmes.

Alexandra Mareschi


Alexandra Mareschi is a lawyer-linguist with decades-long experience in legal English, founder of LegalEnglish online consultancy, native speaker of four languages, and an avid writer. She has written extensively on a broad range of legal as well as business English topics. She now aims to share her writings with a broader audience through the LP and other publications.

Chetna Krishna

Design Editor

Chetna Krishna is completing her undergraduate degree in Science Communication and Bionics. She is an avid blogger at Little Things That Matter, which explores themes like health issues and climate crisis with a twist. She hopes to bring out the unique identity of companies through her design by helping them develop well-suited websites and marketing content. 


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