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The Legal Professional provides original authentic Legal English content from TLP authors and contributors in an entertaining magazine format, as well as a variety of activities designed to help you achieve a high level of professionalism using English in your (law) office communications. Our content draws primarily on source material from LegalEnglish Online Consultancy run by Alexandra Mareschi LL.M. and BridgeRise, premium business and legal English training by Kirk Beahm. 

TLP articles and interviews cover a broad range of legal areas and topics which are especially relevant to current events.  You can simply read TLP as a magazine, or use it as a resource for education with activities in our Educational Experience content covering thematic vocabulary and professional word-use, professionalism and range of expression in communications such as emails, correct and consistent language usage in English contract drafting, and more. 

The TLP Team is also constantly updating and upgrading our offer, with e-book format, online learning platform, and teacher-ready learning modules in development.


Second Issue

July 1st, 2020

Our 2nd issue of The Legal Professional: 92 pages of authentic articles, interviews, thematic vocabulary and activities – for professionals in the legal industry to improve their English.

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