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Our 2nd issue of The Legal Professional: 92 pages of authentic articles, interviews, thematic vocabulary and activities – for professionals in the legal industry to improve their English.


In this issue:


  • Cybersecurity, Interview with Prof. Dr Michael Fortmann on Cyber Insurances
  • Trade Mark Questions, Interview with Dr Stephan Bücker on the Slogan of Greta Thunberg´s Foundation as a Trade Mark
  • Cross-Border Debt Recovery, Interview with José Tornero on EU Relevant Legal Procedures
  • New AI-Based Contract Analysis and Management Software: Max Rogoß from Juracus
  • Climate Change Refugees and the Terminology Used to Define Them Legally, Legal Student at Trinity College, Dublin, Rupal Dutta
  • Drafter´s Delight: Using ‘of’, ‘from’ and Related Language Aspects Correctly
  • Business English Communications: Using Tense


More activities coming soon in our Educational Experience Guide. 


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The Legal Professional 2nd Issue

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